Travel Advisory Around Europe

Designed for Brazilian people to enjoy some great time around Europe

Eurotrip Nutella

Customised service including travel diary with daily routes , expenses, several important tips and information about the trip as well as a digital magazine with important advices for travellers. This is a premium service, with online meetings to set up all the travel planning, booking accomodation, transportation, activities and events and recommending experiences around Europe.

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Consultancy Around

Online Travel Consulting and Advisory to offer the best solution according each traveller profile to bring out the best experiences around Europe, recommending: Accommodation, Transportation and Transfers, Tourism Events, Guides, Activities and Experiences, Travel and Health Insurance, Banks Accounts to save in exchanges, SIM Cards, and other useful topics for travellers in Europe.

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Packages Around Europe

In partnership with Travel Agencies, Tourism Agencies, Hotels, and other travel companies, there are some options for travel packages aimed for Brazilians who are coming to Europe for few days and would like to stay in one destination with more comfort: guided by people who would know Portuguese, easy transfer, interesting tours and all ready to offer an incredible trip.

Eurotrip Roots

A free simple guide to help those travellers like backpackers or such who wish to travel around Europe on a budget way, planning and organizing their trip by their own. It is important to these people to know a bit more about the local culture to avoid troubles as well as the safe places to stay and visit. Recommending hostels and budget activities and events around Europe could be something with a higher demand in this kind of service.

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Guides Around

There are many Brazilians or local people who knows Portuguese and offer tours and transfer to boost the local experience. They promote the destination through articles, so travellers are able to reach them directly, knowing their kind of services as well as the local experience they are likely to have visiting each place. These guides are also recommended during the advisories - Eurotrip Nutella, Consultancy or Travel Packages.

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Free Travel Content

There are a several blogposts written in Portuguese for free on my blog, with my personal experience about some destinations I've visited. It is a great way to increase awareness of some hidden gems, interesting activities and places around Europe. There I can share some my point of view about any experience I had along my path, using some affiliates links or from partnerships with companies as well as trips I did by myself.

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Viena, Áustria

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Our Vision and Mission

Did you know that sometimes it is cheaper to get flights from Brazil to Europe than traveling inside Brazil? And once in Europe it is easy to visit several destinations in just few days. That’s why Europe is a dream for many people!

I would love to see more Brazilian people going deeply into the culture, knowing more about the history behind the castles, cathedrals, old streets, museums, parks and squares. My vision is providing them the best cost-benefit for unique experiences within Europe going local.

The main goal of the Travel Advisory Around Europe is being able to show to these people that Europe has a lot to offer and travel can transform them to be more than just a story teller, through memorable experiences during their trip.

“Traveling — it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta.

Our Values


Travel and trouble are two things that do not work together at all. The travellers could be adventurous, but face some unpleasant eventualities that can be a disaster during the holidays!


It is essential to have experience and knowledge to be able to enjoy as local even being a foreigner. Knowledge gives comfort to the traveller dealing with any kind of situation.


Balancing the best experience and fair prices is what any person would like to get, and in case of a trip where the local currency is more highly valued than the home currency, it is always a good challenge!


Planning a trip can consume a lot of time to find the reliable information according to each travel profile. The advisories give a shortcut possibility to organize a trip to travellers.


Every step of the advisories are clear, all the products and services are explained in detail and the traveller participate fully over the process.


I’m Ludmilla Kolanscki, Brazilian, who used to come to Europe since the childhood. The first time in Europe I was only 9 years old, around 10 or 11 years old I had my first international trip by my own – of course, with the airline crew. This happened because my dad moved to Europe, and since then I come to Europe every single year spending the Brazilian winter vacations in the European summer vacations – nice deal, right!

Five years ago I moved to Switzerland, where i graduated in Business Administration into a cross-culture education in an International Business School in Zurich. Then I moved to Madrid, where I got a Master in Marketing and Sales Management, worked in an Student Exchange Agency and Community, Wholesaler company, keep traveling around and shared some experiences on my Instagram @lud.around for almost 3 years, getting around 15 thousands followers, working with brands and getting to know more creators through the internet – it was kind of fun as a hobby.

It was over this time in Spain that I thought to match my passion for traveling and cultures with something big: giving a hand for my Brazilian people to come to Europe knowing more about the culture and how everything works here.

I decided to transform my hobby into a business. A different way to travel around Europe for Brazilians, going local to experience the culture. 

This year I created the new instagram account @assessoria.aroundeurope and Suzana Storolli started work with me as a travel advisor as well. She is Brazilian with spanish and italian citizenships, used to live in 8 countries so far and has a huge experience traveling. She is journalist and publicist, passionate to celtic cultures, Disney World and interesting TV Series which are very interesting points for what is coming soon as our exclusive travel packages.

Nowadays I have several partners and collaborators to make all this business run well, sharing travel tips as local and bringing more Brazilians to discover many destinations and having unique experiences around Europe.


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