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Check down below all the companies I usually use to travel and their offers! All of them are trustable and pretty good. Check which sector you would like to know a little bit more and any further question you can get in touch by Whatsapp or e-mail!

The most famous platform to search flights worldwide! Indeed it is a very good option to compare fares from many airlines with or without stopover.

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Kayak is another very good platform to search fares flights from different airlines worldwide. Sometimes I really find good deals over there. It is always a good option check it out.

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300*250 USA

Kiwi is a very nice platform to find combinations among flights and the other transports with the best prices.

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LastMinute is also very similar to eDreams but you also can’t miss some sales promotions there! You will find good deals there as well.

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Back then it was called Go Euro, nowadays: Omio! This platform is amazing to search which is the best deal between train, bus or flight…

Just something new the I noticed: they hide the affiliate links like Flixbus from the platform, so, to be able to see them you have to search and then click to appear the affiliate links!

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There are so many other rental cars companies but still, this one is that one you will find in most of countries in Europe and it is trustable. So, I hardly recommend!

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Best place to find all kind of hotels and the best deals.

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I also search in the to find better deals, and sometimes they are even better than! also has a very cool loyal gift to get 1 night for free.

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Do you wanna find the best hostel to stay? This is the place for it! Hostelworld is a great platform and very easy and trustable to use… It is so cheap to book and easy to book that I really recommend you to try!

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LastMinute is also kind of eDreams… But for those who are hunting best prices, is always good to have options to search. They usually have good deals as well!

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Of course… The great vila from the hotels! But indeed, sometimes is a great option to stay in Airbnbs, since is very simple and easy and you feel like home anywhere you go. However, if you are searching for best prices, maybe it is good also check prices of hotels, sometimes you can find great deals as well!

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Transferwise is a digital Bank from Germany which is also multi-currency! Great for travellers because you can order a debit card and use in anywhere, the exchange rate is very low, you can make it easily from the app and you can take out some money in any ATM without commission. Furthermore, you can also do international transfer in a very low cost way…

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Civitatis is the best platform to find out activities to discover even more about the tourism in your destination! They also have guides with all the information you need to guide yourself over your trip.

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I love their guides, mainly those who are digital and I can read while I’m heading to somewhere. I’m very happy to have Lonely Planet as partner to offer their guides over here… Check them out!

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Great platform for those who are looking for cool activities to do in anywhere while you are travelling! There are trips, tour guides and much more offers and it is very trustable!

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Let me introduce you the best full snorkeling mask in the worldwide market: it is the Ninja Shark Full Snorkeling Mask with a new technology and very cool to get and enjoy the summer and the sea… And don’t worry, if you are afraid about diving, it is a great chance to try and discover new feelings on the water!

It is very safe mask and there are a lot of interesting things:

  • There is an extra tube to don’t accumulate CO2
  • There is a soft material on the nose and ear protection to equalize
  • Automatic water drenage to be more enjoyable and safer
  • Anti-fog system
  • Wide visibility
  • Place to put your go pro!

And all this amazing product can be delivered worldwide from Australia!

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