Welcome to the Travel Advisory by Ludmilla Kolanscki

Hello, my international fellows!

I’m Ludmilla Kolanscki, Brazilian, graduated in Business Administration in Switzerland into a cross-culture education in an International Business School in Zurich. Then I moved to Madrid, where I became a Master in Marketing and Sales Management. So, it was over this time in Spain that I thought to match my passion for traveling and cultures with something big: giving a hand for my Brazilian people to come to Europe knowing more about the environment and culture to don’t have troubles over their trip.

In the beginning, I thought about blogging and it was kind of working, however, I wasn’t fulfilled with just showing around through social media. So, I took this idea to the next level and now I’m a Travel Advisor.

Note: Travel Advisor is not a Travel Agent. I’m working in a very innovative way and focus on something very customized. As a Travel Advisor, I’m not going to just sell a trip or packages, I will sell the whole experience with full support for my clients.

Since my main audience is Brazilian people, this website is in Portuguese. Even though, if you are looking for some tips, don’t hesitate to check the offers of the companies I recommend and contact me for any further questions. It will be my pleasure to be able to help you on your journey.

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