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I come to Europe for traveling since I was nine years old at least once per year. Since 2015 I’m living in Europe and I could see over my entire life the changes in tourism in Europe to Brazilians and how was the impact for them regarding the whole experience.

Knowing the market and, of course, Brazilian people, I bore in mind that with my experience in the travel & leisure sector I could help more Brazilian people traveling around Europe offering them the best experience and less trouble.

My deal is introducing them a little bit more about the reality in Europe, showing the culture with the similarities and differences to integrate them into any environment within Europe, making them able to enjoy every moment over their trip in their own way but with knowledge.

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I created two digital magazines specialized to Brazilian people with exclusive tips and personalized guides for their trips, which includes also book flights, accommodation and activities according to their interests as well as their whole travel planning and budgeting.

There are experiences and travel tips and my experiences around Europe shared constantly on my Instagram as well as on the blog posts here on this website.

I also offer the services and discounts from the affiliate partners in Portuguese and English in case some people would like to make for their own whole Travel Planning. Most of the time I do some blog posts to not only teach how to use the tool but also to promote them.

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Wondering how to transform your product into an experience? Not so sure about how to take advantage of the social media to reach your target audience? Would you like to make more people get to know about your services? Or even make people aware about how your brand could be the best option for them? Would you like me to sell your product or service through my Travel Advisory?

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